Five Ways to Keep Active at Home

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We are on day... who the heck knows of quarantine and at some point I figured I'd have to start exercising because eating my weight and working from bed has taken its toll. So I started looking for online classes and videos to help keep boredom, hunger and cabin fever at bay. Here are five I came up with and actually loved:
Aimee Lee's online classes. 
From yoga to stretching to barre classes you can do from comfort of your home. She posts a weekly schedule on her instagram. Her classes are free but in this state of the world you can send her a $5 donations on Venmo @aimee-lee-3 or PayPal (or more if you’re feeling generous) 😉. You can DM or e-mail her for class invite.

Doing TikTok Challenges.
Now that you have finished laughing, trying to do some of those videos is SO HARD and a great workout. Plus its fun. Add me on tiktok @LetterstoLALAland
I did this video for charity fundraiser (they are still looking for donations) and by time I got it right (which was 5 rounds) I was breaking a sweat.

Fitsugar Zumba video.
I have learned I am NOT coordinated, and cannot dance but that zumba is a great workout (and these ladies are KILLING it).

I have the book and online access but I am fairly certain you can find most of it online. These workouts are a HIT circuit and best part come with pre-training and a 12 week program. Maybe it's just me but this book tries and kill me every time.

Jump Rope.
Skipping rope is one of the most effective cardio exercises around and there are videos you can follow that are 10 min and help you burn ton of calories. I do more of a leisurely jump rope aka I do it till I am sweating than sit down and complain.

How are you staying active?

FCT: NONE, zero, Just stuff I like.