Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I m one of those people that when it comes to kitchen gadgets, I can go a little, okay a lot crazy and out of control. LIke walking into any store, especially Hudson's Bay and Canadian Tire I find like 5 things for my kitchen that I MUST have - but if we are being real, none of them are a must have, just a want. 
However here are 5 kitchen gadgets that everyone need, because they will make your kitchen so much more effective.

A stand mixer.
I swear by my Kitchen Aid but in theory any stand mixer will do and is essential. If you like to bake - anywhere from bread to dessert you wanna use 

Instant Pot.
 had no idea what I was missing before I actually used mine. My parents got me one but i just recently started using it - it's like magic. Its fast, efficient, precise, intuitive, and perfectly capable of replacing most other devices in your kitchen (like a rice maker, slow cooker, steamer).

Garlic Press.
Specifically this Ikea $5.99 garlic press. It's easy to clean, stainless steel and awesome.

Immersion Blender. 
I don't have a blender so I use this bad boy to make delicious smoothies & blended drinks, and soup.

Mixing bowls.
Quality mixing bowls are necessary for any kitchen. I got these Master Chef mixing bowls with lids. I love that there’s nothing to shatter or chip, making them both durable and long-lasting, and their lightweight profile makes them easy to use. Plus they are great for storage.

What are you must have kitchen tools?

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