3 Ways to Create Better Pins

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Guys, I have been at this for a while and let me tell you blogging is a funny thing.  What started as a place for me to change what language I think in, turned out to a huge passion and has now evolved into a part-time job of sorts. I am learning everyday and I couldn't be happier with how things are progressing.

Over the last year I started taking blogging more seriously and with that comes a lot of incredible opportunities, and I've come to realize that having a unified “brand” is essential when navigating the world as a blogger (or any creator in fact). What I mean by unified brand is more than just picking you niche and aesthetic but its about font and graphics you use – on anything from your business cards, to blog posts, to Pinterest graphics and YouTube videos.
I m super guilty of this – if  went back and you looked at my blog than my Pinterest it would look like two people crated those (or like seven different people) …they have multiple fonts, multiple color graphics, multiple sizes and its all kind a mess. So, it took me awhile to find a place that would not only get inspiration but pick up some fonts that I can use - without it costing an arm and a leg.  This is especially important for us bloggers who don't have a branded logo for ourselves, but still want our work to look sharp and unique but its equality important for anyone who is a creator. I found Fontbundles.net and the have ton of resources and offer exclusive deals on the highest quality premium and free fonts from independent designers. I had read good things about these font bundles online and after looking at their options I was totally sold. On top of saving up to 90% off the offer freebie fonts. The freebie fonts are available on weekly basis which is great if you are testing out the waters and need to finds something that works for you, without spending too much.

After looking a while, I picked a premium free font called “Lovebird” that I m going to try out on all my Pins going forward. 
I like that this font is simple and elegant and I think in black it will work well on all my pinterst and blog posts.  It was super easy to sign up (I used Facebook) and downloaded the bundle to my computer. From there I installed it. I create all my Pinterest graphics in Canva so I used the super helpful tutorial on how to use fonts in Canva (find the full step by step tuttorail here: https://designbundles.net/design-school/how-to-use-your-purchased-fonts-in-canva  it look less than 3 minutes to set up. How it works: (super simplified) In Canva you pick graphic you want to create, on the left side click on text, select the type of text you want, then on top left side click on the fonts, roll to the bottom and upload your new font, and TADA!

I create pinnable images to add to my blog posts so I can easily pin them or share them across social media platforms .When I first joined Pinterest, pinning seems simple. Simply upload an image and a link to a board you have, and voila -- you've got a pin. Except like million of is doing exactly that so how do you get noticed?   
A good Pinterest pin/graphic should be vertical as that best shows on all screens, especially mobile, and since most people use their Pinterest on the phone you want to maximize that. The images you use when creating Pins should be high quality and clear and you want to avoid clutter. This a good rule to follow for anything you do, the images/photos you use, should never be blurry (like EVER). What is the point of putting all the work and effort into anything if the photo you use is grainy and looks like you put no effort in it?
 All pins should have a description that capture the imagination and tell a story. This is where the font you use is crucial – if you are adding text to your pins you want the font that is going to uniform across all your content and aid the image you are using. I strongly believe that all photo should be descriptive aka have word on them because you have few seconds before some scrolls down their feed without reading actual captions. A short text, captive description on your photo helps pull them in and stop scrolling to read your post. You want your photo and fonts to be complimentary so pay attention to color and size. 
And lastly you want your pin to have a destination of where its going. If you did a good job and captivate the audience with your pin, that should lead to your blog/instagram/website/etc as that is the ultimate goal.

What font do you use in your work?

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