Love Lockdown

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Life in lock-down has been tough on many relationships.Regardless that if you are single, daring or married its been a challenge and negotiating the transition back to “normal” (whatever that may be) will also be a challenge.
There are two ends of the spectrum - causing both sides to deal with obstacles and changes they weren't used to. For couples quarantine rules enforced during the pandemic have created a space for couples spending long periods of time together, often in close quarters which for many is a huge change. On the other side the social distancing rules enforced during the pandemic have forced single people into isolation and almost entirely into virtual dating.

Anyone in loving and supportive relationships is most likely to cope more effectively with the COVID guidelines (or having to spend a ton of time together or not time together at all) and now with relaxation of social distancing rules but what happens to people like me, who in pre-COVID world we just starting out to figure out our brand new relationships? 

A little back ground: before all of this I connected with someone who I knew for a long time. Both of us were on the dating circuit like Match Me Happy , free uk dating sites or Tinder so it was just a question of time when we would cross each others paths. Since we live at opposite ends of the world this was already gonna be a challenge because long distance usually is but we had all kinds of plans of meeting up and seeing each other,

Then, COVID.  Not only did social distancing, but quarantine and travel ban all came on fast and all our plans fell apart. Fast forward to today, 6 months in with no physical contact and a lot of digital platforms have become the only way for us to connect. So how do we make this work? Even couples used to being apart and daring long distance aren't used to being apart like this. We're not used to being apart without knowing when we might see each other again. 

All the usual things that make long distance relationships (making plans, schedules and having an end date) cant be relayed on because even with post COVID world will be challenging because I m still not sure when the borders for both of our countries will be open and when we will be allowed to travel. That is all on top of dealing with anxieties of getting on a plane, multiple connections and leaving comforts of your own bubble where it might not feel safe.

While my relationships sometimes feels like I am on set of love is blind - The best advice for anyone in similar situation to me would be clear and open communication. Relay on technology, have virtual dates, talk - about everything and anything, including those difficult conversations- and make sure you are on the same page. 

How are you dealing with love lock down?