Gin, Three Ways With Black Fox Farm and Distillery

Friday, July 3, 2020

I recently got to check out Black Fox Farm and Distillery gins, and let me tell you. AHMAZING!
I got a chance to try three, handcrafted, single batch gin. I created 3 cocktails that will be my go to's this summer.

Black Fox Distillery story:
"Our spirits are crafted in a traditional manner, while pushing the boundaries of creativity with different grains and flavours.  Few distillers combine the passion for agriculture with the skill of distilling.  We are very proud to grow 90% of our ingredients right here on the farm.  All spirits sold under our name have been fermented and distilled by us. This is quite rare in the world of micro distilleries allowing us to craft spirits of the absolute highest quality.

We are Canada’s preeminent on-farm distillery. Staying true to our family farm roots, we have taken our passion for growing crops to a new level nurturing the finest  fruits and grains to create exquisite libations for you to enjoy. "

Passion Fruit Gin Fizz
What you need:
3  oz Passion Fruit Juice
5-6 drops of Lemon juice
Soda Water, for topping
1/2 Passion Fruit Pulp, to garnish

How to make it:
Fill a 16oz highball glass with ice, then add gin, passion fruit juice and lemon drops. Top with soda water and stir to combine.
Cut a passion fruit in half, and scoop the interior out with a spoon. Lightly place the passion fruit pulp onto the top of the cocktail. Serve immediately.

Blueberry Mint Gin and Tonic
What you will need:
7 large blueberries
4 small mint leaves
4 drops of lemon juice
4 - 6 ounces tonic water

How to make it:
Place blueberries and mint in a glass and muddle to combine.
Fill glass with ice, add gin and lemon juice and pour tonic water into glass.
Stir all ingredients together.
Black Fox Oaked gin and Tonic.

Why mess with a classing. In a glass combine ice, Black fox oaked gin and tonic. Enjoy.