Thanksgiving Desserts

Friday, October 9, 2020

We all know that I love baking, and holiday baking is my favorite. Last week I shared my go to appetizes for Thanksgiving, so todays round up desserts.

Banana bread cookies: I don’t know about you but I made a fare share of banana bread in quarantine so I moved onto muffins, cookies and that’s how we ended up here. I made them with cream cheese and walnuts but today I added orange food coloring to make them more Thanksgiving.

Shampita: this merengue is always a hit.

Flourless chocolate Cake: Something a little different but absolutely delicious.

Pie on a stick: pie is always a good idea, its even better when on a stick.

PumpkinPie: because is it really Thanking without pumpkin pie.

What are you making this Thanksgiving?