Are You Fashion-Ready For The Return Of Summer Festivals?

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Most women adore festival fashion. As soon as the sun starts to shine and the music season kicks off they all head to their favourite stores in order to find the best fashion pieces. This year has been no different. As the festival season was cancelled last year, people are more excited about their return! From getting lip fillers and hair extensions to having a boob job or going on a health kick to lose weight; there is no end to the preparation women are getting booked in!

With festivals yet to come, you still have time to pick up some of the remaining festival pieces before the season comes and goes for yet another year. But how do you rock this look properly in 2021? Read on to discover this year’s hottest festival trends.

The must-have accessory for 2021 is undoubtedly round sunglasses. Last year it was cat eyeglasses, and this year it is without question the rounded version. We have the late John Lennon to thank for this fantastic trend. After all, he was definitely known for his love of round glasses. Just imagine if you could lay back on a field and listen to The Beatles rock the stage with your ultra-cool shades on. These sunglasses have a real British and edgy feel to them. And it is definitely a trend that has been embraced by the top celebrities too. Everyone from Demi Lovato to Rihanna has been spotted in these cool and quirky shades. 

Nonetheless, it is not all about accessories, your clothes need to be on point too! It is time to embrace prints. There are no rules. There are no favourites. From floral, to Aztec, to geometric patterns, to leopard print, to stripes, to zebra print; the choices are endless. It is all about being loud and bold with your choice. And remember; the good thing about fashion festival is that literally, anything goes! So feel free to mix and match your prints together and really experiment with your outfits.

Aside from the trends already mentioned, why not go for boho? The bohemian style is one that works really well in a festival environment. How would you describe the atmosphere at a festival? It is all about enjoying yourself. Not having a care in the world. Feeling completely laid back. Well, this is exactly what boho chic is all about too. You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to. And when you consider the fact that most people camp at festivals, by the last day of the event you probably won’t be able to dress up anyway. So embrace the boho feel! Wear minimal make-up and let your hair take its natural form. 

To finish off we are going to go back to another accessory; a printed scarf. This is a fun and easy way to bring some energy and personality to your look. If you take a look online you will have a wealth of different designs to choose from. Skull scarves are really popular and they are great for those with an edgy style. Nevertheless, if you are someone who prefers to be pretty and polished, then going for a floral scarf is a great alternative.