OOTD - Comfy Work from Home Outfit That's Not Sweats or PJS

Monday, March 1, 2021

I, like many of you have been working from home for what feels a long time, and have also invested into many multi color matching sweat suits. I m trying to be more mindful of dressing up everyday and NOT wearing PJ's or sweats. 
Dressing up and "going" into the office is how I am trying to create separation from work and home as I found that for months now I would just check my work e-mail and walk back into the office at all kinds of time. So this was a step towards creating some separation.

So few ideas (that are just as comfy) as PJs:
Lose fitting, soft dresses. (boots and hair done optional!)
Joggers and t-shirts.
dare I say, jeans and tank tops.
Midi skirts and t-shirts/hoodies.



dress: Asos
shoes: Nasty Gal
headband: Nordstrom's