The Best Summer Accessories from Amazon

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I think we can all agree that last Summer was anything but what we expected… from canceled travel plans to things being closed and being in (few) lockdowns, it felt like we missed some of Summer. While this Summer still might still look different than normal, I planning on embracing Summer (even if its form my balcony) as much as I can with new, must have vacation inspired accessories from Amazon! (on a side note, have you noticed that a lot of how I deal with this new normal is retail therapy?)

 I love hats (even tho my head is shaped funny so I think I look funny in them) but you cannot go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat or a straw hat or cool even fedora are must for Summer. They are not only stylish but help protect you from harmful UV rays.
The straw bag or a simple large tote are my go to. Few years ago Amanda and I traveled with almost identical simple totes and got ton of compliments on them.
Cover ups 
I love a good coverup, especially if it can double as something you can wear to a beach bar for lunch or drinks. Fun fact: In Hvar (Croatia) you have to have a cover up as walking in a swim suit will result in a 900 EURO fee
I live in flats for better part of the Summer during the day and change into feels for dinners.
I love one piece swimsuits and high waisted bottoms - it what's I am most comfortable with, but you should wear any version of swimwear that makes you confident and beautiful.

What are your must have Summer items?