OOTD - Three Tips for Getting Ready in 5 Minutes

Monday, June 14, 2021

Life is gearing up to "normal" whatever that is... things are opening, more in person meetings, events and meet up so getting back some sort of routine is hard. Here are three tips that have been a game changer for getting ready in 5 minutes, or when you are just lazy.
Keep your outfit simple. Dresses (or one pieces or matching sets) are your best friends When in doubt or in a rush keep things simple. You can never go wrong with jeans and a cute blouse or tee, a skirt and a tee, or a dress with trainers (or flats) or a jumpsuit.

Pick out your clothes the night before/Sundays. Setting your clothes out the night before can feels very first day of school but hear me out, if you need to be more put together or don’t wanna wear dresses this is a perfect time to get prepared the night before. One real game changer is picking 5-6 outfits and shoes and having them ready to go for the week.

Create a 5 minute make up routine. Its summer so figure out a light look, that can easily be take to night by adding a little extra.

dress: Reitmans
shoes: Reebok
purse: Ameri
glasses: Chanel