Pain be gone, with Mira Pro

Thursday, July 8, 2021

We don't talk about this enough (especially on here) but is all about to change. Lets talk period pain and discomfort. I, like many women, in general, are still "just dealing" with any pain or discomfort that comes along with your monthly visitor. Sure, there is ton of of drugs for women targeted at treating pain and discomfort. We as women have learned to just put up with period pain by popping an Advil or reaching for a heating pad. However, that doesn’t cut it, and recently I had an opportunity to check out Mira Pro.
So what is Mira Pro?
Mira Pro is a discrete, wireless and wearable device. Mira Pro uses clinically tested pulse therapy to block pain signals from reaching your brain while simultaneously stimulating the production of endorphins; your body’s natural pain killer. Mira Pro is the immediate, drug-free solution to your period pain.
The kit comes with Mira Pro, charger, pads, pad holder, instruction manual and travel pouch.

Place the device: Apply the reusable gel pads to the painful area - lower back, stomach, or wherever you feel pain.
Turn it on: The Mira Pro will begin transmitting gentle electrical signals – almost identical to the feeling of a phone vibrating in your pocket. Mira Pro is designed to match everyone’s vibe.
Enjoy instant relief: The electrical signals immediately block the pain signals from reaching the brain, stopping the sensation of pain.

This little device honestly changed my flare ups and periods!!! Extremely discrete, you can wear under dresses and skirts without anyone noticing its there. With a range of levels, you can find a setting that suits you. I found that the gel pad doesn’t leave any marks on your skin. It’s really helped me manage my pain levels and makes the difficult days a little easier.

I found the Mira pro to be easy to use. I fully charged it before first use and the battery life has been great.