#DIY - Coffee Table Tile Tray

Friday, November 19, 2021

If you read this post you know that starting November 1st I m introducing more, hopefully, helpful and practical post. This project was super easy, practical and less than 30 dollars all in. This makes a great accent in any home or you can gift it. 
What you need:
A tile of your choice (or any concrete tile for that matter would work + the larger the better). $3.40
Cabinet hardware of choice $5.99 each
Clear sticky pads (or wooden legs if you choose) $5.99
Industrial strength glue (the strongest stuff you can find, home depot was mega helpful and recommended LePage glues (LePage PL 620 Granite and Marble Construction Adhesive specifically) $12.99
a ruler and marker $0

How to make it:
On the bottom of the tile place four felt pads or legs on each corner on the bottom of your marble
Measure where you will need to place your handles. I used a ruler and marker the spots (mind you first time I measured wrong).
Put a little glue on the marked spot and on the bottom of the handles before sticking them together.
Let it dry. The directions on my glue said 24-48 hours and I used a baking sheet with some books to press it down.

I originally found this DIY on here and thought it was great. If you have tiles from a reno and some harder ware your cost would bee minimal - and you can easily sell these on Facebook or Etsy locally like this person making a decent profit. Let me know if you try it.