5 Things To Serve At An Italian-Themed Dinner Party

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Dinner parties are fun ways to spend time with your family members and friends. They create welcoming and relaxing atmospheres topped with delicious food for everyone to enjoy, and they can even help strengthen bonds by spending quality time together.

An Italian-themed dinner party is a great idea because most people like Italian food, plus it won’t cost you a lot of money to conjure up some Italian delicacies. Of course, the big question is this: what should you serve to your dinner guests?

While there’s an abundance of Italian-based meal ideas you can consider, it’s worth checking out these five essentials that anyone should have on the menu to pull off a successful Italian-themed dinner party:

1. Aperitivi
Aperitivi are what Italians describe as pre-meal drinks. It’s essentially a cultural ritual and one that you should not forget at your dinner party. What pre-dinner drinks should you offer your guests, you might ask yourself?

Some examples might include vodka Martinis, vermouth (or other aromatized wines), dry or fortified wines, sherry, gin and tonics, and Campari. You may have guests that can’t or don’t want to drink anything alcoholic, so you could also offer some non-alcoholic drinks.

2. Focaccia Bread
Your dinner guests will probably want to snack on something with their drinks until you serve dinner. But, what should you offer them? One unique and fairly simple thing to make for them is focaccia bread.

They can graze on some small segments of focaccia and enjoy the bread on its own, or they could dip some strips of it in olive oil. Focaccia is one of those versatile breads that anyone can enjoy in all kinds of unique ways.

3. Spaghetti Carbonara
You can serve all kinds of things for the main course. However, if you wanted to go for a truly authentic Italian home cooking dinner party experience, few dishes can compare with Italy’s favorite signature meal: spaghetti carbonara.

It’s a classic Italian dish and one that only needs a few ingredients. If you’re cooking for a large group of people, spaghetti carbonara won’t cost you lots of money in terms of ingredients costs.

4. Pistachio Ice Cream
If you’ve never been to Italy before, one thing you should know is that pistachios are found in all kinds of foods and desserts in the country. If you’re wondering what to serve your guests for dessert, pistachio ice cream is an option that will be much loved by them.

Of course, you should have another option available, such as a strawberry shortcake, in case any of your guests have a nut allergy, for obvious reasons.

5. Cappuccino
Once everyone is feeling full from dinner and dessert, it makes sense to round off the evening with a fresh cappuccino. It’s no secret that Italians are best known for their coffee, and a cappuccino is a good all-rounder for all tastes.

It’s easy to make a cappuccino at home and doesn’t really take any longer than making a standard cup of coffee.

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