6 No-Fuss Meals You Should Learn To Make

Sunday, October 30, 2022

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There are so many things that can be intimidating when it comes to cooking. It’s easy to get stuck with the same old recipes because they are simple and easy to make. But the moment you venture out of your comfort zone and try something new, the possibilities seem endless. That being said, not everyone is a natural-born chef. Some prefer to leave the kitchen tricks to professionals and stick to what they know best. ! You don’t need a degree in culinary arts or hours of practice before you can master these 6 simple recipes...

A hearty soup is satisfying and will warm you up on a cold day. They are quick and easy to make and can be made with almost anything. A classic chicken noodle soup is always a hit with the kids, and vegetable soups can be hearty and healthy. If you have a few extra veggies in your fridge that need to be used up, you can whip up a healthy vegetable soup recipe perfect for cold winter nights.

Roast Chicken

A roast chicken is a classic good Sunday dinner but is much easier to make than you think. You can put your roast chicken in the oven while you make the rest of your meal and be done in less time than it takes to watch a movie. To make your roast chicken:

  1. Place your chicken on a roasting pan with a few rosemary sprigs, a bit of salt, and pepper.

  2. Add potatoes and root vegetables to the pan and drizzle with olive oil and salt. If you have a few potatoes and veggies to roast, your meal will be complete.

  3. Once they are all in the oven, set the timer and enjoy your meal when it’s done.

Scrambled Eggs

To make scrambled eggs: you can be the healthiest person in the world, but few things are more satisfying than a plate of scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are easy and quick and are a great source of protein.

  1. Start by adding a bit of butter or oil to a pan.

  2. Add your scrambled eggs to a salad, potato, or another side you like. Crack a few eggs into the pan and stir with a spatula until they are the consistency you like.

  3. Add salt and pepper to taste, and your scrambled eggs are ready to be enjoyed with your favorite side dish.

One Good Pasta Dish

Pasta is one of the easiest meals to make, and there are countless ways to do it. You can add different meats, cheeses, veggies, or even a sauce. A stir-fry with pasta, veggies, and marinara sauce is a good pasta dish. There are a few different ways to make this one good pasta dish. You can boil your pasta and add it to a pan with vegetables, marinara sauce, and meat. You can also add the sauce and veggies to the pasta in a pan and stir it together until everything is hot.

A Nice Tuna Salad

A classic tuna salad is a quick and easy lunch that can be made in minutes. It is simple to make, and you can add whatever you want to it. A simple tuna salad is just a can of tuna, a bit of mayo, and some chopped vegetables. You can add anything else, but these 3 ingredients will make a nice and easy tuna salad.


Most of these recipes are quick and easy to make, and you can customize them to your liking. You don’t have to be afraid to try new things in the kitchen, and you can even make it fun! Once you become less intimidated by cooking, you will be surprised by how much you can do.