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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

2023 was one of the hardest years of my life, but somehow filled with most amazing moments too. Its also been a year when I had to learn the most about myself and how to deal with stress, anxiety and bordering depression.  To top dealing with a hard year, life seems to be going a million miles an hour. Between work, trying to revive the blog (yeah 2023 took more of a hit on it than 2020 did), my relationship, trying to figure out life without my mom around I felt like I have been drowning for  better part of 2023.

Grief is a hell of thing, but with all that pain came burst of clarity. While I still cry most days, and have a hard time with losing my mom, I think I m finally learning how to cope. Its a small step but a step to being in a better place mentally for when my baby comes here. 

Few years ago,  I started blogging as a way to have something that was just “mine”, something I would have control over and to help me deal with the voices inside my head. Somewhere along the way other things took over and the blog took a back seat. Lately I felt so overwhelmed, alone, and had completely lost my sense of self. So in 2024 other than focusing on keeping a tiny human alive, the blog, and this space will be my  main focuses. 

2023 was so hard but filled with many happy memories and events that changed the trajectory of my life, as I know it. Highlights of this year include : Birth of the most precious and perfect person, AKA my niece Ajla; Seeing our baby in 3D! and getting engaged.

growing baby P and weekly iron infusions 

How was your 2023?