Travel Diary: Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Second on the list of my Travel Diary Series  is Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Srebrenica is my home town. This is where I was born, I have very vague memories as a kid  of what it used to look like before the war. It is a small, town located on bottom of a mountain. Srebrenica is made up with the official town and lot of little villages in surrounding area.

Srebrenica, along with rest of Bosnia got hit with the devastating war that thorn it apart. In 21st Century Srebrenica is most know for mostly know for the Srebrenica Massacre and Memorial Centre in Potocari.
Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide. Each July 11th thousands of people come together to pay their respects for all those lost.
Part of the memorial centre is an exhibit featuring artifacts, stories and pictures of those whose remains were found in over hundred different mass burial graves.
This is one exception where I won't give you 5 restaurants, 5 activities and must do list. If you are in Bosnia, especially in July, please go and visit. The amazing story of Srebrenica in itself is worth hearing and seeing. The history, the story and the pain this place alone has felt warrants a visit. Other then learning a lot, the views themselves aren't bad… With endless mountains, beautiful lakes, rives and little local restaurants it is worth the visit. 

People from all over the world have visited, and I have had a pleasure of meeting and chatting with people  from Sweden, Canada, USA, Germany and Japan .. just to name a few. Recently, Angelina Jolie was in Srebrenica to pay her respects.
(image via CN News) March 2014.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of my adventures.