How I Ran a Spartan Race and Survived

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nermisa is always full of great ideas. New things we must try. Like the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Remember? And this time it was "Hey, let's run a Spartan. Not the baby one. The SUPER Spartan" Just 13 KM and 28 obstacles. No big deal, right?
As Nermisa appropriately captioned this picture: Reactions are mixed.

But . . .

And here's what I learned about running a Spartan.

1. Spartan racers are actually racing. Real life. Many of them have trained seriously and take this race seriously.
2. This is where they keep the beautiful people. The fit and sexy bodies literally running past you all sweaty and covered in dirt. Yum.
3. You can laugh even when you can barely breathe. They have this hopping obstacle where your legs are stuck together with a rubber band . . . while you jump over boards and hop your way around. For some reason I found this obstacle HILARIOUS. So while laughing hysterically and exhausting myself further - the other "real" Spartans  looked at me like I was crazy (not proven either way) because this is serious stuff.
4. Play on the monkey bars - or something else that requires grip strength. Because while you can burpee-proof yourself, work on your cardio, and get help with many obstacles - the ones the caught me up were the ones that required grip strength.
5. This shit was FUN. Challenge accepted. Challenge completed. And we smiled our faces off.

Give it a go! #aroo