2016 : Best of Style

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We're in the last few days of 2016, with 2017 on the horizon! Each year  we round up some of the most read posts - from fashion to travel to food to give you some Winter reading material! Today we start with most read #OOTD posts:
The most read #OOTD post in 2016 was a post on what to wear not to look like a tourist in Europe
Holiday OOTD - Conservative Gal Inspiration - this is probably one of my favorite outfits of the year.
This Backless See-Through Maxi Dress was one of the most read posts as well, however the photo back drop might have more to do with it than the actual #OOTD considering I don't even have shoes on.
This denim dress was perfect is perfect for spring, and fact it was from one of the local stores here in #YEG makes it more special.
Can you really ever go wrong with a perfect LWD?
What do you guys think? Are you favorite Letters to LA LA land style posts on here?