DIY Rope Baskets

Thursday, July 2, 2020

This is super easy to make, and you can make any size you want, paint them. I m gonna make them for my flower pot for my room, as well as hanging planters.

What You'll Need
Rope of choice. The rope I used was a clothesline rope.
Glue gun. Remember that a little glue goes a long way.
Planter/bin. (Don’t worry about, you don’t keep it in there its just used as a mold)
Wrap your planter in paper or a plastic bag before you begin, this is important at the end, makes it easier for removal. The planter will only act as a mold, and won't be necessary after you finish making the rope planter.

Start by creating the base of the rope planter. Wrap the rope in a swirling formation, dabbing hot glue in between the rope as you go along and pressing together to secure.
Once you have the base done, place the planter /bin and start wrapping the rope around your mold dabbing a little glue as you go.

Once you reach the side you want, cut off the rope and glued the end of the rope. Pull the planter/bin out of the  and there you have it!