What is Your Favorite Thing About Winter?

Friday, December 28, 2018

In Alberta, we have a long winter, and this year it all started in September. I m not a huge fan of cold or winter – I turn into a homebody and hide from everyone and everything that involves going outside. Sao while back (and I mean while) I asked Zahra and Amy what their favourite things about winter are and both of them had such fun and positive things to say:
Amy: Getting up super early, jumpin on a bus into the mountains, and riding down the snow-covered hill until exhaustion, injury, or the bus to take us home makes me leave. 
Zahra: The first snowfall when it looks like a winter wonderland.
This got me thinking – what are few things we all do to make winter a little better? I would love to hear from you guys - I need all the help to beat winter blues as I can get.

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