Six Things to do for Christmas in October

Saturday, October 14, 2023

You might think it's a little weird to start Christmas preparations in the middle of the summer, but that's when I do it. However, it seems reasonable to begin crafting and purchasing Christmas gifts in October. I'm here to help you get organized and complete your Christmas-related tasks. Please let me know whether you have begun working on your Christmas projects in a comment.

Make a list - check it twice
Getting organized is the first step - this way you are not over buying and you know how much money you will need or if you to find alternate solutions.
  • Gift list
  • Decoration list
  • Christmas cards list
  • Party lists
  • Recipe lists
  • Cleaning and organizing lists
Research, Research and Budget
From sales to stores, to points, to bonuses with purchase - you want to maximize your money and impact. You won't feel the pressure if you start setting aside a small amount of money each pay period. Be sensible and keep in mind that Christmas isn't about the stuff. You can do the envelope challenge 

Schedule your family photos
If you book early you might find a better deal, plus more time to plan. If you cannot afford a photographer this also give you enough time to test out and learn how to take photos yourself. here is few tips on how to take your own headshots. 

Start Shopping
I like to buy a few things ahead of time because it's challenging to fit all of the holiday shopping into one month's budget. Additionally, it will spread out expenditure over the coming months.

Make handmade gifts
Home made gifts can mean more than bought gifts. October is a perfect time to start working on your handmade gifts. here are some ideas but the possibilities for homemade gifts are endless:

Clean and Organize 
I like to do one room or closet every two weeks or so. I try and keep my house 10 min to guest ready but ever since I became pregnant not some much. So I made a list of things to de-clutter and organize.