Best of Letters to LALA Land 2015: Life Style

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 was a big year, with many successes and equally as many fails that helped me learn and evolve accordingly. Late June of 2015 two co-contributors joined Letters to LALA land. The blog hasn’t grown past me needing more than one contributor but in order to grove and keep consistency Amy and Zahra joined the team.
With Amy and Zahra coming to the team we introduced new segments and topics.
Movies & TV Guide
Music Guide
Books Guide
Our top 5 favourite things 

We also talked about travel, fitness, recipes and even some DIY

Here few of my favourite five posts from life in LALA land:
How to (do anything) is my section. How to build your confidence up is my favourite post.
This was my first attempt at a DIY... thankfully you can't kill a cactus.

 Desserts are my favourite. One day I plan to run a bakery. Everyone starts somewhere, right?
Before 2015 I had never been to Jasper. It turns out I love it.

Few things about getting old.